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Become a part of our team, do what you love and what you’re good at.

Unlimited space for your tracks.

You will earn 70% after your track will be sold out, receive payment in USD.

We hold promotions and increase your sales.

We will payout earnings within 24 hours.

Example of correct folders name for your projects

Name the folder with the project and the folder with the tracks correctly, see an image example below. If you don’t want to sell your track with the DAW project it is your right. Compressed project and tracks in ZIP folder.

You need to write everything exactly the same, only set your titles

Your track must have 5 folders

  1. Vocal Mix
  2. Instrumental Mix
  3. Unmastered
  4. Stems
  5. Midi

If there are no vocals then you can exclude Vocal Mix folder

  1. VOCAL MIX [Folder]

Upload your Vocal Mix to this folder:

Just write the name of your track


Upload your Instrumental Mix to this folder:

Loudness of your track

Your track should be with loudness in between – 10 and 7 LUFS. You can download the Free Plugin[https://youlean.co/download-youlean-loudness-meter] to measure the volume of your track.

Your track should sound loud enough but not overloaded

3. UNMASTERED [Folder]

Make sure your master chain is disabled when rendered. Unmastered version must have at least -6db (-16 or -14 LUFS) of headroom and it must be without limiter/compression.

Upload your Unmastered track to this folder:

The length of the track should be the same as the mastered version

4. STEMS [Folder]

Your stems folder contains all individual parts of your track in WAV [44.1 kHz – 24 bit]

All stems must be mixed, not mastered. When playing all stems at the same time they should directly result in the unmastered version of your track.

Correct stems names

5. MIDI [Folder]

Upload MIDI Files your instruments to this folder. MIDI files should be named properly: Piano, Pad, Lead, Bass and etc. Do not group midi files, each file must be separate. The MIDI file should be a few bars long, but not the entire length of the track.

Correct midi files names

Project File

You can sell the project file (FL, Cubase, Logic, Ableton etc.) and receive $50 if your track is sold with it. Make sure your project file contains all required samples to run the project on buyer’s computer

The project should be with samples


If it’s a vocal track you must include instrumental version and the vocal must be original or from royalty free sample pack.

For royalty-free vocals, please include a hyperlink in a .txt file to where the vocals can be found. Name the Acapella or Vocal text file.

Example vocal link

Dowload Link

Learn the rules:

  1. Your track should sound no worse than the top works on Beatport and Spotify.
  2. You can use royalty free samples except for melodies, chords etc. Idea of the track must be original!
  3. Track Cannot use any unauthorized samples, vocals, or loops.
  4. The track must be exclusive and can’t be submitted to any other website, otherwise we will delete it immediately without warning.
  5. Warning is NOT ALLOWED Construction Kits.
  6. The unfinished demos, sketches, cuts or previews are not listened by our managers. We will listen only to a final track.
  7. Your track must last at least 3:00 minutes (Pop Genre which may 2:30) and not longer than 8 minutes.
  8. You will receive payment in USD.
  9. You are allowed to upload and sell your track exclusively in our shop and nowhere else. Violation of this rule means a permanent ban, not only on our service, but also on the websites of our coalition.
  10. We only work directly with producers. Third Party Use Not Allowed.
  11. It is forbidden to post the track in the public domain, social networks facebook, youtube, soundcloud, instagram etc.
  12. Thank you, hope for long-term cooperation.


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Become a producer

  • Do what you love and what you’re good at.
  • Produce music at your convenience.
  • Unlimited space for your tracks.
  • We hold promotions and increase your sales.
  • You will receive 72% after selling your track.
  • We will payout earnings in 24 hours.


  • 100% Royalty-Free.
  • 100% Unique and original tracks.
  • 100% Full rights to the purchased track.
  • Release the track under his own name.
  • All tracks with the full package.
  • Professional support.