Who is a Ghost Producer? Ghost Production? 
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Ghost Producer. Well, just the combination of these two words tops the list of controversies in the music industry at the moment. With the rising competition in the EDM industry, the term Ghost Producer has come in the limelight more often than ever before. People have divided opinions on Ghost Production with some in favour and some in not but one thing no one denies is the existence of it that too in large numbers.

What is Ghost Production? Who is a Ghost Producer?

Fundamentally, a Ghost Producer is a music producer who makes or co-writes music tracks for another artist where his name stays off-camera and nowhere to be referenced. The track released is often termed as a Ghost Production. The track is released under the name of the artist or record label that contracts the ghost producer to make tracks for them. Consequently, the ghost producer gets a flat fee or gets paid in royalties for the tracks they produce. The phenomenon of selling the track under the name of other artist and not the ghost producer him/herself is a mutual and lawful understanding between both the two parties.

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Artists Involved

A decent number of artists at all tiers of the EDM industry are involved with Ghost Producers. New Artists use it as a breakthrough opportunity, mid-level artists use it as a means to make it to the Top tier and the top tier use it as a means to stay relevant and also to ease of their busy touring schedule. Artists like Martin Garrix, KSHMR, Porter Robinson, Maarten Vorwerk, and many others have confessed that they have worked as Ghost Producers for the other artists in the industry. Some of the industry’s biggest hits are rumoured to be Ghost Produced.

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The information for the article was prepared using the weraveyou website.

EDM Ghost are looking for budding ghost producers
Home / Posts tagged 'edm ghost'

The world’s leading electronic dance music magazine “We Rave You” published an article about our site. Here’s what they write:


Ever wanted to be a ghost producer? How about getting a chance to have your name on the top labels such as Spinnin’ RecordsUniversal MusicWarner Music and many more? Or perhaps be at the forefront alongside KSHMR, Martin Garrix, Maarten Vorwerk, Afrojack, Avicii among world-renowned artists who produced some of other musicians’ biggest hits! Well look no further, as EDM Ghost has all of this available to you and more with their top quality services. Catering to both producers and buyers, the company offers only the very best customer service and great experience with both buying and working as a producer. Now, they are looking for more ghost producers to sell their work on the website.


The process is extremely simple. All you have to do is fill out their form on the ‘be a producer’ page, and with only a short waiting period of one to two days, they will get back to you. If your track is put up in their shop, when it is sold the producer earns 72% of the earnings. With their top priority being to showcase the very best high quality tracks and offer complete transparency for both buyers and producers, this makes it the top ghost production site around in the business currently. Aside from this, EDM Ghost have a team of professional producers who are on hand to create special custom tracks, and if that wasn’t enough the website also offers mixing and mastering services.


For those looking to buy tracks through the website, purchasers of any track in their shop will own 100% of the rights, being able to do whatever they please with the track. Selling only exclusive beats (tracks), buyers won’t find these tracks anywhere else ensuring exclusivity and originality. Working within a large number of styles from dubstep to electro house, and techno to hardstyle and pop with everything else in between, also maintaining 100% confidentiality for buyers. Although signing on the labels mentioned at the above isn’t a guarantee – having tracks at such production stage will definitely rise the chance for it to be released there.


To find out more about their services including buying, ghost producing, mixing and mastering and much more, check out their website here. You can also check out their Facebook page here for more details.


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